About Streaming player

Streaming player can provide its customers with the easiest way to stream their entertainment on TV. Nowadays, streaming players are more focused on giving a dead-simple way to stream the video and audio contents

Moreover, it can Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube or any streaming services, this Streaming player will allow you to watch every one of them. Similarly, there is no subscription required for Streaming player features, and it is only after installing the channels on the Streaming player. On the other hand, the Streaming player setup is effortless, for activating this device, the users must visit codevision.live

Codevision.live Activation

Bought home a new Streaming device? Worried that you don’t know to set it up? Then cheer up and following the instructions below to set up and activate the Streaming device.

The Streaming player set up is simple! Install it, get the activation code, visit Mytvhelp, and complete the activation process.

How to install the Streaming player using codevision.live?

  1. If it is Streaming player Stick, then connect the HDMI connector on the end of the Streaming player Stick and then into the HDMI port the TV.
  2. After that, make sure to note the HDMI port’s number.
  3. Next, connect one end of the power cable to Streaming player, and then link the other end to the power source.
  4. Secondly, turn on your TV, hold the Input button on the TV remote.
  5. Further, choose the HDMI slot into which Streaming player is inserted.
  6. Then, opt for the language by scrolling through the available languages until you find yours, and press OK.
  7. Now, link to Wi-Fi via the network page.
  8. Search for networks by choosing Scan again to view all systems and holding OK
  9. Scroll through the Wi-Fi networks till you find yours.
  10. Opt for the network by highlighting it and pressing OK.
  11. Key in the password for the network by using the on-screen keyboard.
  12. Once after the network connection, the Streaming player will update to its newest version.
  13. Keep calm for the activation code to appear on the screen.
  14. Finally, after seeing the five-character activation code appear on-screen, initiate activating Streaming player via codevision.live.

Linking My Streaming player to Wi-Fi

Firstly, Scan for the Network by choosing Scan again to see all networks and press OK

Scroll via the available Network and users must select their Network. After that, choose the Network by highlighting it and hold the OK button. Secondly, provide the password for the Network using the on-screen keyboard

And then choose OK after the prompt. Finally, the Streaming player device gets connected to the Wi-Fi. Now, the Streaming player device starts its updating process after the network connection. Next, set the Display type on the Streaming player device and run it


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