Streaming player errors troubleshooting

What are the common error codes?

Error code 014

 This can relate to the internet, and for this, the users must check for the network connection,

Error Code 009

 The network connection will not be active even after the router connection.

Error code 012

 This can also inform the user about the network issues.

How to add a channel on the Streaming device?

 Firstly, press the Home button on the Streaming player remote to reach the Streaming player Home screen. Scroll to the left side of the screen and choose streaming services. If you don’t find the channel, then go to the Streaming player channel app

 In the find bar of the channel, enter the name of the channel. Moreover, wait for the results and choose the preferred channel from the result. After that, select the Add channel option to add the channel to the Streaming player device. Secondly, the users must activate the channel that was downloaded

Similarly, access the channel app and get the channel activation code on the TV screen. Make sure to visit the channel activation site and enter the channel activation code. Finally, this will start the channel activation process. It can take some time and check the activation of the channel from the channel list on the Streaming player account